New river navigation regulations to be implemented in Region One


The Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) has produced new river navigation regulations including zero tolerance for those captains who are not certified and restrictions to passenger vessels operating during the hours of darkness, only in the case of an emergency.

The new regulations will be implemented soon in the Mabaruma, Port Kaituma, and Morucca areas. These were specially produced for those areas where an enhanced prosecution process will follow for persons breaching the safety regulations, MARAD said.

Director General of the body, Claudette Rogers travelled with a team of officers from MARAD to the areas of Port Kaituma and Mabaruma in Region One (1) on November 11, 2016, to conduct a safety awareness programme for boat operators where they were told of the changes.

Director Maritime Safety briefing operators on the Safety Regulations

Operators were briefed on River Navigation and Safety Regulations by Director Maritime Safety, Mr. John Flores, where they were encouraged to practice all river safety rules whenever traversing the waterways, in an effort to curb the recent spate of accidents occurring in the area.

Further, MARAD will deploy speedboat monitors in the specified areas to conduct safety checks on vessels traversing the waterways. Monitors will be assisted by the law enforcement agencies comprising the Coast Guard and Marine Police.

The Director-General encouraged the boat operators to be licensed and explained that MARAD will be making the process easier for them by establishing safety centers in Regions 1, 2, and 7 where they will no longer have to travel to Georgetown, thus making it convenient for operators.

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