Relatives of murder victim speak out


Investigators are awaiting advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on what charges if any, should be laid against a 16-year-old who reportedly stabbed a 23-year-old man to death on Saturday evening.

In what is being touted as a love triangle gone wrong, 23-year-old Intiaz Alli of 1 21 “BB” Eccles, East Bank Demerara (E.B.D) was stabbed to the neck by the teenager who allegedly shared a relationship with his reputed wife; 26-year-old Nicole Indal.

News Room previously spoke with Alli’s reputed wife who denied sharing a relationship with the teen, however, the mother of the teenager related that the young man has several photos in his phone with himself and the woman in compromising positions.

Indal also told News Room that she and the young man were partially separated and he was spending some time with his mother.

The relatives of the deceased on Monday visited the studio of the News Room where they claimed that the young man was only at their house on Friday and was visiting after a long time. She denied that he has been staying there for the last two weeks as the woman is claiming.

Sister; Tanuja Jordan
Sister; Tanuja Jordan

Tanuja Jordan, sister of the deceased related that “I seeing she saying reputed wife, Intiaz never marry she. She say on the news that she know Intiaz 1 year, 3 months, she never know he so long. She tell the CID 10 months and she tell a different story again. Intiaz nah even live with this girl 3 months…and nuff thing this girl tell Intiaz is nothing of the sort because when we reach the relatives at the station, wuh we know about she is far; wuh she tell we is nothing like duh”.

Jordan is claiming that Indal threatened to poison her brother in the past.

She is alleging that the murder was pre-meditated. “As I see is a planned out thing. They were waiting on Intiaz, called he to come home because he was at the wedding and he get a call and he leff to go to Eccles and that was the last Intiaz relatives see him alive.”

Mother of the dead man, Claudette Abraham said the news came as a shock to her.

Mother; Claudette Abraham
Mother; Claudette Abraham

“It’s a shock to me to know that he was by me on Friday…and then Saturday and take me to the wedding house and leave me that hour and tell me in an hour time he will be back to pick me up too. When I hear this news…I just had to leave there when I get the call.”

She said her son was respectable at home and is calling for justice.

The relatives are alleging that the woman not only cheated on Alli and threatened to poison him, but kept him away from his family as well.

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