Sickle cell NGO urging persons to support upcoming blood drive


The Fight Against Sickle Cell Stigma (FACES) Organization in collaboration with the Guyana Blood Bank and the Guyana Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Association are reaching out to the public to support its blood drive slated for December 8, given the importance of blood to sicklers.

Blood is important in the quest to saving lives and people living with sickle cell disease are equally in need of this bodily fluid since they are most at risk for anemia and may need a few units from time to time.


With this mind Public Relations Officer of FACES and popular entertainer, Michelle ‘Big Red’ King made a special appeal for persons to come out and give blood.

From Left Marian Paris, Jessica Daw and Michelle 'Big Red' King
From Left Marian Paris, Jessica Daw and Michelle ‘Big Red’ King

Meantime, two new members of FACES Marian Paris and journalist Jessica Daw explained to the News Room that they both decided to join the NGO after witnessing first hand the effects the dreaded disease has on those affected. Miss Paris said after a friend died of the illness and given her desire to help those in need she made the decision. Miss Daw expressed similar sentiments, while noting that more needs to be done for people living with sickle cell in Guyana.

Persons who are 17 years or older, in generally good health, free from any blood borne disease and weigh at least 110 pounds could make donations.

According to the Blood Bank the entire blood donation process takes 20 minutes.  A person, who fits the criteria, can donate blood every two months. Blood donation allows the body to produce new red blood cells which carries oxygen around the body. Once these new cells are replicated, it allows the individual to feel more rejuvenated and healthier.

FACES is encouraging all eligible persons to support the initiative on Thursday, December 8.

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