“The Spotlight” talent show host believes more platforms needed for showcasing Guyanese talent


Born in Wimbledon, England to Guyanese parents, Faizal Khan is an ambitious, vibrant and multi-talented businessman, whose main goal in life is to not only succeed but to make a difference in the lives of others.

 Faizal is the host of one of cable TV’s most exciting talent show to hit Guyana, “The Spotlight” and according to him the experience is an impressionable one. News Room sat down with this fun and smart young man to get a closer view of his life beyond the lights.

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He related that he was always fortunate to have regular trips to Guyana from a very young age and even though he has several businesses in the United Kingdom he has opted to stay and help build those he has in Guyana and help out youngsters who are part of a football club he manages.

The businessman advised those who would like to become business owners to first believe in themselves and take positive steps to attain their goals, noting that “it’s going to be a rough road” however the best move is to assess the market and seek to meet its demands.

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Faizal believes strongly that talent in Guyana is not a problem but there needs to be a platform for these talents to be showcased. He praised the sponsors E-Networks Inc. and Red Entertainment, among others for forging ahead with the initiative, which he deems second to none.

His immediate aspiration is for “The Spotlight” talent show to continue, in an effort to give more talented Guyanese youths the opportunity to blossom. Faizal is calling on Guyanese to “support their local talent.”

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On a more personal level he revealed his plan to have a big family, since his parents also came from large families, however for now he just wants to focus on helping others and developing his many businesses, as he basks in the beauty of life.



 “The Spotlight” airs every Wednesday on E1 at 20:00 hours (8:00pm) following the News.


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