A nightmare for Bartica cops


By Leroy Smith

The Police Station at 1st Avenue Bartica is vastly overcrowded and ranks there are now calling for some immediate attention to be paid to the conditions under which they are forced to operate.

The ranks in ‘G’ Division are complaining of working under immense discomfort. As such, they are calling for urgent attention to be placed on their welfare and the conditions under which they work.


The News Room has received images with an overcrowded sleeping barracks at the police Station and was told that as many as 40 ranks occupy the quarters and are forced to take turns when it comes to sleeping.  Of the forty ranks, ten of them are subordinate officers.

Sources have indicated that there were cases when officers have finished their shifts in the night but cannot sleep because all the beds are occupied. There are also instances where ranks would be forced to get up and fold up their mattresses to prevent others sleeping on it.

The News Room has been unable to confirm what is causing the overcrowding at that police station but some ranks are contending that a decision was taken to bring other ranks from other areas within the division to central Bartica.

Today the commander of the Division Senior Superintendent, Ravindradat Boodram indicated that the overcrowding at the station is temporary as they have to provide security for some officials who will be the division for an event this weekend.

He said that after the event is over the ranks, some of whom were brought from Georgetown would be returning to their divisions.

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