Feasibility study on new Demerara River crossing to begin in January


A new bridge will be constructed across the Demerara River however, before the structure can be built there are logistical and financial features that need to be ironed out.

During a Press Conference on Thursday, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon disclosed that the feasibility study for this project is slated to begin in January 2017.

This step follows a pre-feasibility study that was conducted in 2013.

“In 2016, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure advertised for suitable consultant to conduct a feasibility study that would lead up to the construction of the Bridge, utilizing the private/public partnership model” Harmon said.

Harmon says the study will be conducted by Leivencse CSO; a Dutch consultancy firm. The firm will also complete the design for the new bridge.

Leivencse CSO, Harmon said, was selected through the procurement process by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board.

The 1.5 mile long Demerara Harbour Bridge was officially opened in July 1978.

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