Jagdeo calls for return of $10,000 education cash grant and water subsidy for pensioners


Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo says his party anticipates that the 2017 National Budget to be presented on Monday in the National Assembly would include measures to ensure social welfare, public safety and more employment opportunities for Guyanese.

Jagdeo expressed hope that there would be a National Development Plan in the social sectors and that this would be harmonized with the Sustainable Development Goals.

He also has aspirations for the 2017 Budget to include measures that would stimulate mining and is opposed to any attempt to remove mining concessions and is lobbying for greater assistance for small and medium scale miners.

The Opposition Leader is calling for a clearly defined plan for the sugar industry.

Jagdeo is alleging that several government ministers and officials are secretly visiting private firms to negotiate deals to buy over the Skeldon Sugar Factory, noting that if the company purchases the factory at a particular price there will be a number of private beneficiaries. He proposed a 5% increase in salary for sugar workers, since this year be the second that these workers would not have received an increase.

In addition, the opposition would like to see the return of the water subsidy and the $10,000 “Because We care” education cash vouchers in this year’s budget.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan will on Monday November 28 present the Budget in the National Assembly.


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