Senior Superintendent trained in fight against corruption


The 19th United Nations Asia and Far East Institute and United Nation Convention Against Corruptions Training Programme, was held between October 12 and November 16, 2016, at the Japan International Co-operation Agency, Tokyo, Japan. This had seen the involvement of 27 countries including Guyana where Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors’, Investigators’, and Senior Police Officers were participants. In this regard, Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Edmond Cooper, Bsc., LLBs, was a participant representing the Guyana Police Force and Guyana.

With the global fight against corruption in the criminal justice system, such a course as this has been very instrumental in the prosecution of corruption in public procurement. This course aimed to enhance the participant’s knowledge of measure to improve the current corruption situation in each country through lectures, best practices and discussions.

The subject areas that were analysed were:

  1. The current situation and issues in the participating countries’ current anti-corruption enforcement.
  2. Sharing recent international trends, in Japan’s experiences with anti-corruption enforcement.
  3. Discussion of effective counter measures to address issues in the respective countries concerning anti-corruption enforcement.
  4. Sharing recommendations for anti-corruption enforcement and establishing a global network.

The participants were evaluated in order to establish that corruption is the major problem in all countries whether developed or developing and it must be tackled holistically and expeditiously with power of those in authority and also the knowledge gained will help investigators and prosecutors procurement matters cases of corruption in public procurement matters.

Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper came out successful and gained two certificates in this process.

(Guyana Police Force)

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