China Town robbed


By Royan Abrams

Four masked robbers who were armed with a handgun, cutlasses and a piece of wood on Thursday stormed and terrorised a young businessman, his family and customers as he was about to close his store.

The four bandits barged into the store of 26-year-old Zhou Chumin of No. 2 Village, East Canje, Berbice, at about 20:35hrs on Thursday.

News Room understands that the men ordered the customers at the China Town Store to to lay on the ground while demanding cash and other valuables from businessman who was standing in the cashier booth at the time.

According to information received, one of the bandits was armed with a handgun, two had cutlasses and another was armed with a piece of wood. The bandit armed with the firearm pointed it at the businessman and demanded cash. Chumin who was fearful for his life at this point handed over all the money that were in the drawer at the time.

This publication was told that the bandits were not satisfied with their loot and decided to search the cashier booth and-and took away a quantity of phone cards and a cellular phone.

While escaping one of the bandits who was armed with a wood dealt the businessman’s aunt a lash to her face and she later collapsed.

The police were called in and the businessman’s aunt was escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for medical attention.

According to a police source, several persons were questioned in connection with the robbery but were later released.

Investigations are currently ongoing.

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