Junior secondary school defeats odds and attains spot in top ten at CSEC


At a well-attended graduation ceremony on Thursday at the Girls Guide Pavilion 30 successful and hardworking students graced the stage of the Girls’ Guide Pavilion to collect their certificates after completing their secondary education at the East Ruimveldt Secondary School.

While the school is deemed a junior secondary, the Ministry of Education said it was the only one to achieve 60 percent passes at this year’s CSEC Examinations.

A former valedictorian of the school and News Room Journalist Mark Murray was the guest speaker at the event. Murray used his personal experience to encourage the students to strive for what they desire and not let any obstacle deter them from reaching their full potential.

Mark Murray- Journalist News Room
Mark Murray- Journalist News Room

“Today, I don’t know what your circumstances are but I can tell you, it is important to have a dream and go after it. Find your passion and pursue it. Surround yourself with positive influences and people and be open to trying new things and most of all, believe in yourself,” he told those gathered.

Murray is also a University of Guyana graduate who holds Bachelor’s of Science Degree on Communication Studies.

Chronicling the years preceding the University, the Journalist related that “the hard decision was taken to go to the University of Guyana and get that Bachelor’s Degree, this took four years, long and sleepless nights, hungry days or others where a Compton Cook up was a meal for two days.”

He said it was through these trials that he became the man he is today ” my name is Mark Junior Murray and I am the man, who despite the obstacles and challenges in my childhood, and adolescence and even now in adulthood, I strive to be better, do better and leave a lasting positive impact on this planet.”

Meantime Acting Head teacher of the school Abiola Gittens said over the years the school has been making strides in its performance and this year it was placed in the top ten.

Miss Gittens said teachers will continue to work with the students there to change the public’s negative perception of the school. She said despite what is being peddled about East Ruimveldt Secondary, the students there have great potentials and are demonstrating this every day in their academic performance and more.

The top student of the school attained 6 grade ones and two grade twos at this year’s CSEC.

Since there was no graduation last year, prizes were also awarded to those students who did well that year.


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