Murdered carpenter’s family allegedly offered $50M to hush on murder case


By Royan Abrams

In the midst of several persons being charged in connection with the murder of carpenter Faiyaz Narinedat of #70 Village Corentyne Berbice, relatives of the mastermind behind the murder have reached out to the victim’s family and made an offer of a whopping $50M to have the matter settled.

Uncle of the dead man, Abdool Shafeek made the allegations during a meeting at the family’s residence yesterday.

According to the man, the alleged mastermind, Marcus Brian Bisram’s uncle who lives at #71 Village on the Corentyne recently offered the family $50M to settle the matter but he refused since he wants justice for his nephew.”$50M gonna bring back nephew life, no way we ain’t accepting it cause we want justice and we want a neutral prosecutor and magistrate to deal with this matter until it end and it reach to the judge court,” he said.

In response to the request made by relatives of the deceased, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan who visited the family yesterday afternoon assured that he will speak with the Director of Public Prosecution DPP to send a state counsel to prosecute the matter, which has since been transferred to the Springlands Magistrates’ Court.

Khemraj Ramjattan- Minister of Public Security
Khemraj Ramjattan- Minister of Public Security

The Public Security Minister also assured that all the suspects involved in Narinedat’s death be committed to stand trial in the High Court.

On November 1,2016 the lifeless body of 27- year- old Faiyaz Narinedat was found in the #70 Public Road and following a post mortem the police had concluded that he died as a result of a hit and run accident. However it was relatives who visited the crime scene and told detectives that it was murder.

So far six persons have been charged for killing Narinedat and staging the scene to look like a hit and run accident. Two females were also charged for attempting to bribe detectives at the Criminal Investigations Department CID with $4M.

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