CPG Liaison officer arrested in connection with Berbice Carpenter’s murder


By Royan Abrams

The Police in ‘B’ Division have arrested the Laison Officer of the Comminity Policing Group (CPG) who is attached to the Ministry of Public Security moments ago, in connection with her role in the alleged cover-up of the murder of carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedat.

CPG Liaison officer receiving checque from mastermind behind murder of carpenter
CPG Liaison officer receiving cheque from mastermind behind murder of carpenter

News Room understands that a team of police officer went to the home of  Radica Ramanandan where they arrested her and took her to the Whim Police Station pending charges. She is accused of threatening to put people to kill family members of the late Narinedat who was murdered on November 01, 2016, and his body was placed on the #70 Public Road to look like a hit and run accident.

News Room previously reported that the Laison Officer contacted a 17-year-old female and warned her against sharing posts on social media about their group’s involvement into the alleged murder.

“I got a phone call and the person ask if this is (name withheld) and I said yes and the female caller asked if I put up a bag with the names of the suspects at the bus shed and I said no but I was there and I took pictures of it and post it on Facebook. So she then ask me if I know she is who and I said no and she said she name is Radica and that I will see she soon when she come and pick me up and lock me up and if I continue to post things on Facebook she will send Marcus people to kill all of us” the teen recalled.

Prior to that threat, the wife of the late Faiyaz Narinedat also received a threatening phone call from the same woman.

The acting commander of ‘B’ Division Errol Watts has confirmed that the woman was arrested. He added that she is expected to be charged with threatening behaviour, threatening language, among other charges.

She is presently in custody at the Whim Police Station.

So far six persons including overseas base businessman Marcus Brian Bisram who is on the run from police have been charged with the murder of Narinedat while two females were charged with perverting the course of justice after offering detectives $4M to released the suspects.

Investigations are currently ongoing into the latest arrest.

More details will be provided as it becomes available.

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