Detective allegedly receives death threat for accepting bribe to cover up murder


By Royan Abrams

The Police in ‘B’ Division are hunting for a male who threatened to kill one of the detectives from the Springlands Police Station accused of accepting money to cover up the murder of Carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedat.

News Room understands that the detective received a telephone call on Monday, November 27, 2016, from a male using a cell number. The caller then proceeded to accuse the detective of spending money provided to him by the mastermind behind the murder; Marcus Brian Bisram and also told the detective that he will kill him.

According to information received, at 12:00hrs on Sunday, the detective who is stationed at the Springlands Police Station reportedly was at his home which is located at Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice when he received a telephone called from an unknown number on his cell phone. The caller accused the officer of taking a bribe and also told him that “You will hear from me”.

The officer reported the matter to the Springlands Police station where investigations are ongoing in order to make an arrest.

According to a police source, a number was recorded which is currently being tracked.

However, the officer is one of two detectives that are presently under close arrest pending investigations into allegations of cover -up into the murder of 27-year-old Faiyaz Narinedat who was killed and placed on the #71 Public Road to look like a hit and run accident on November 01, 2016.

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