GPF outlines promotion process


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Thursday clarified its mode of approving promotions within the force.

In a statement which was meant to clarifying misleading news published in the Guyana Times Newspaper in today’s Edition under the caption “TOP Cop announces changes for promotion….no longer needs recommendations from Commanders”, the GPF noted that a new process was implemented in 2015 to ensure fairness.

It was noted that recommendations are made by Divisional and Branch Commanders. Those recommendations are assessed by a Promotion Board which is chaired by the Assistant Commissioner “Administration” and comprised of all Divisional and Branch Commanders. The board then submits to the Commissioner, a recommendation of ranks to be promoted in order to fill existing vacancies.

Recognising that there may be limitations in recommendations made by Commanders and in order to achieve a greater level of fairness in the process, the Force adjusted the procedure in 2015 to accommodate any rank who is of the opinion that they are eligible for promotion, to submit their case in writing. The board was instructed (since 2015) to consider each such case prior to making its recommendations to the Commissioner.

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