Donations to the police force will be done through Ministry- Ramjattan


According to Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, businesses often help to meet an immediate need of police stations and officers through donations to the Guyana Police Force (GPF). However, he noted that new protocols will be examined for the force to receive donations through his Ministry so that professionalism is not compromised.

“Indeed there are times when the police and or the CPGs (Community Policing Groups)… require the assistance of businessmen and there are genuine businessmen who give without wanting anything in return, and who will never compromise the professionalism of the police force,” the Minister pointed out

However, Minister Ramjattan emphasised that donations received from businesses do not guarantee any protection if they break the law. “We do not want to see businessmen giving and expecting that they, having committed a crime, will now see that CPG group or police force compromising the investigation thereafter,” Minister Ramjattan said.

The current operational protocol states that donations to the GPF must be made to the Commissioner of Police.  Minister Ramjattan noted that this protocol will be enforced in the meantime so that police officers’ professionalism is not compromised.

Recently a photo was released of a liaison officer to a Community Policing Group in Berbice who was arrested for issuing threats to a group of persons for sharing photos of a businessman charged for murder, receiving a cheque from said businessman on behalf of the CPG.

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