One critical after three vehicular accident in Berbice


By Royan Abrams

The Police in ‘B’ Division are investigating the circumstances which led to an accident involving three motor cars at Edinburg, East Bank Berbice (E.B.B) on the evening of Thursday, December 1, 2016.

News Room was told that at about 21:30 hours, the drivers of motor car HB 6597 and another had parked their cars and were having a conversation on the Edinburg Public Road when motor car PVV 5077 which was allegedly being driven at a fast rate, slammed into both parked vehicles.








A male passenger who was in the front passenger seat of the speeding car was propelled through the windscreen and onto the public road. He was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition while the driver went into hiding. However, he was later arrested and is in police custody assisting with investigations.

Driver, Bhiro Ragubir
Driver, Bhiro Ragubir

According to one of the driver Bhiro Ragubir, he had just stopped at a shop to make a purchase when he saw a friend who he had made arrangements with to travel to Suriname. He added that they both parked their vehicles and were finalising arrangements for the trip when the accident took place.

“All of ah sudden we see a car coming from this side here, with ah speed, the car swerve on the ride hand side and all of ah sudden it come straight into we and I run and it hit all two cars,” Ragubir related.

He also noted that his car is damaged beyond repairs and that he is annoyed that the police arrived at the scene after the accident last night and failed to take measurements and statements from the drivers. Ragubir said that the police ordered him and the other driver to removed their vehicles from the public road while the speeding driver was nowhere to be found.

Information on the accident is still sketchy but more details on the accident will be provided as it becomes available.

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