Shihan Abdool Nazim Yassim promoted to ‘Hanshi’/’Sokeship’


Founder and Director of the Guyana International Kyo-Kushin-Kai Martial Arts Academy (GIKMAA), formerly the Little Diamond Martial Arts Academy, Shihan Abdool Nazim Yassim, recently marched into history, following a promotion at the Guyana All-Styles Martial Arts Federation accreditation ceremony.

At the ceremony at New Thriving Chinese Restaurant, Shihan Yassim was the third of 10 persons who were promoted to Ku-Dan (9th Dan Black Belt) with the title ‘Hanshi’ (Grandmaster) of the SHIN-KAI-RYU system of martial arts, a system that he had created almost 12 years ago.

Shihan Yassim was also awarded the ‘Sokeship’ (Founder) title. These promotion and awards came in light of him serving in the martial arts world for well over 25 years, and almost 10 years as a 7th Dan Black Belt Shihan, both in Guyana and Suriname.

Shihan Yassim now holds Black Belt ranks in a number of martial arts systems, namely 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate-do; 4th Dan Black Belt ‘Junior Master’ Shinkaido Personal Combat System; 7th Dan Black Belt ‘Shihan’ Kyo-Kushin-Kai; and 9th Dan Black Belt ‘Hanshi’ Shin-Kai-Ryu.

At the accreditation ceremony, Shihan Yassim also promoted Nowieldath Khedoe of Suriname to the 7th Dan Black Belt and also awarded him an ‘A’ Level Coaching Certificate.

In Guyana, Shihan Yassim is the authorised representative of the Universal Martial Arts Association (UMAA), the Kyo-Kushin-Kai Schools of Karate Union Worldwide (KSKUW) and the World Martial Arts Brotherhood Federation (WMAABF).

In the company of his wife, Black Belt students and loved ones, the new Sokeship/Hanshi enjoyed his moment of glory as he marched into history, promising to continue his work in the martial arts world. He is now looking forward to the 10th Dan level in the next 25 years.

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