29-Y-O rises out of depression to start lucrative business


TWENTY-NINE- year -old Niketa Hussain may seem like she has it all together and had a life of fun and glamour now that she is a successful business woman and budding makeup artist, but this is far from the truth.


This young woman, as News Room learnt during an interview with her, has had it tough, a nurse by profession, Niketa had to abandon her studies in Jamaica after undergoing a major surgery. She returned to Guyana and began to sink into depression until one-day, upon the advice of a loved one decided to do something she loves and believed would make her happy.


Le Cosmetiques, the name of Niketa’s business, started online until recently when she opened her store in the Kalyan Mall. As she recounted it all started with just one lipstick that she brought in to Guyana for a friend and from that moment onwards, her business began to bloom.

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But her story doesn’t end there, Niketa suffered for many years, from the onset of puberty she bad acne and hated going outdoors and facing others, but after discovering the wonders of makeup she understood why it was so important for some women.

Her passion for helping women with similar skin conditions compounded by her love for makeup awoke her interest to complete a course in makeup artistry, which according to her would place her in a position to help other women with these skin troubles.

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Niketa said she continues to be blown away by the response she has been receiving since she launched Le Cosmetiques and is optimistic that her business would continue to grow, since she intends to maintain a high standard.

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Her acne problem has also inspired her to start a natural line, to help those persons who suffer from acne scarring but do not desire the harsh chemicals.

And that is not all Niketa makes accessories and have aspirations of extending her line, but that will take some time, as she is more focused on her makeup business.

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She is hopeful that her story will inspire people of all ages to stand up for what they believe in and do what they love and watch how their fate can turn around.

The young woman told News Room had anyone told her a few years ago that she would have been this successful by just following her passion and not listening to naysayers, she would have thought they were joking.


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