‘A’ Division records 21% decrease in serious crimes


By Leroy Smith

The Police in ‘A’ Division is recording a decrease in serious crimes since the rolling out of the Christmas Security plan back in November.

During an invited comment on Tuesday, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifton Hicken told the News Room that between November 16 and December 06 the division has enjoyed a 2 percent decrease in serious crimes bring the total decrease in 21%.

He added that members of the public have been cooperating with the police in the area of identification parades and have been working with the joint services to sweep certain communities.

The very troubled area of the Stabroek market and ridding the surrounding of that area of those who are bent on committing illegal activities is also a constant target point for police operations.

Commander Hicken said that these operations are also been working well.

It was during the interview that Hicken explained that the division has ramped up its supervision of junior ranks to ensure greater professional behaviour among them and the way they deal with the members of the public.

He also commended the female security guard at the hand in hand insurance company for thwarting a robbery back in November also.

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