Five associations to host year-end football tournament


For the past two years, three associations have teamed up to ensure that their top teams had something to play for at the end of the year, something that is looked forward to for over two decades.

In 2014, Berbice, East Demerara and East Bank teamed up while in 2015, West Demerara replaced Berbice.

Fast forward to 2016, it would now be five associations putting up their best teams to compete- Berbice, East Bank, East Demerara, Georgetown and West Demerara.

Close to four million dollars in cash and prizes will be up for the taking with the details in terms of how many teams from each association and the level of prizes to be made available at a press conference later this week.

It is understood that Ansa McAl Trading through its Stag Beer brand is the main sponsor.

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