Gov’t considering $175M bail out to help City Hall pay contractors


The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has requested $175M from the Ministry of Communities to settle outstanding debts to its contracted garbage collectors.

Recently, Puran Brothers Disposal Service and Cevon’s Waste Management threatened to withdraw their services from the M&CC if the payments of $300M are not made.

Subject Minster, Ronald Bulkan confirmed that his Ministry has received the request and it is being considered by Central government.

“The funds have been allocated under the Georgetown restoration and there is a balance remaining and the request is that it be redirected to take care of the exigency of the current situation,” Bulkan said.

Despite promising to withdraw their services since November 14, 2016, both Puran Brothers Disposal Service and Cevon’s Waste Management are still providing their services to the council.

Meanwhile, the recent two-week amnesty period which ended last Wednesday managed to collect some $100M from defaulting customers.

City Hall has since extended its amnesty to another two weeks which will end on December 16.

The Council is hopeful that defaulting property owners who would have incurred interest on their outstanding property taxes would clear their accounts.

This is the second time that City Hall conducted an amnesty as a desperate means to generate much needed funds for the year.

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