Police probing cuff, slap and gun pulling at Bartica wedding house


By Leroy Smith

The Police in Bartica had their work cut out for them on Sunday night after a relative of the Deputy Mayor of Bartica who was allegedly intoxicated at the time, reportedly punched one man, slapped another and pulled his licensed firearm on patrons at a wedding house in the mining town.

The News Room was informed that the nephew–in-law of the Persaud who was at the function with his wife, requested for them to leave as their young son was ready to sleep. The woman then indicated that they will leave shortly but then ventured to the upper flat of the building where she was conversing with her relatives. Her husband then after waiting for some time ventured upstairs and began arguing with the young woman about the length of time she had him waiting.

It was during that period that another relative went in search of Persaud and told him that his niece and her husband were having issues. Persaud then came and without finding out what the issue was, advanced to his niece’s husband and began assaulting him, slapping him in the process.

As another patron at the wedding house attempted to prevent the assault from continuing, Persaud punched the man and then whipped out his firearm, cranked it and began advancing towards his nephew-in-law and others but was restrained in the process.

On Monday evening, Commander of the Division, Ravindradat Bhudram when contacted by the News Room indicated that he was out of the district for the most part of the weekend but was going to check on the fact and later update this new entity.

The commander did fulfil his promise and stated that he was informed that an argument erupted at a wedding house and that the police are investigating the matter. He also confirmed that the licensed firearm of Rico Persaud was lodged at a police station as the investigations continue.

The News Room was however informed that this is not the first time that Persaud has been accused of pulling his licensed firearm on persons when his life was neither threatened but reportedly did so merely to scare of persons with whom he had personal grievances.

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