Budget 2017: Gov’t has failed to reignite economic growth says Bharrat in maiden presentation to the House


Opposition Member of Parliament Vickram Bharrat in his maiden presentation in the National  Assembly on Day  three of the 2017 National Budget debates said Finance Minister, Winston Jordan will go down in history for the suffocation of the economy.

Like his predecessors Bharrat criticized Government for failing to create the much-needed spark to reignite economic growth.

He claimed that the Coalition Government’s focus is centered on the Oil and Gas sector which will become commercialized until the next five years, while the traditional sectors are being neglected.

The Opposition MP believes the good life as promised by the APNU+AFC Government becomes even more elusive each day, pointing  to the implementation of added taxes and the worrying crime rate.

This imposition of added taxes, he said, will have a rippling effect passing from businesses to ordinary citizens, who are already suffering under the current regime.

He concluded that the 2017 budget is demonstrative of an inexcusable level of incompetence and reiterated the call for its withdrawal.

Meantime Government’s Chief whip, Amna Ally in defense of the $250B budget said Government, cognizant that in order to achieve a better life for Guyanese put the necessary measures in place. She expressed confidence that this budget puts Guyana on the trajectory of growth since the Coalition has a high level of commitment.

Ally said citizens must now get ready for “operation development ” to take off on January 1, 2017.

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