Deputy eyes City Mayor’s spot ahead of December 15 elections


The City’s Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan is hoping to convince his fellow Councillors that he is the man to lead ahead of elections for the two top positions of the city come next Thursday, December 15, 2016.

Sherod Duncan was earlier this year elected as Georgetown’s Deputy Mayor and within seven days he could be replaced as the 30-member council will be holding their annual elections.

Duncan who has always been vocal about issues affecting the Council is of the view that City Hall should have a new leadership; a job he is willing to take on.

He told News Room that he thinks “I think that this moment in the City’s history, offers us a chance to pause, to think about our next move  and to move in a different direction. I don’t think a citizen in Georgetown won’t want the city to go in a strategically different direction that they have been heading in.” He said he is offering that new direction as he vies for the post.

For him, challenging such a position is just another form of democracy since he is confident that his fellow Councillors could throw their support behind him.

“We’ve all been here around the ‘horseshoe’ table (the table around which councillors sit to conduct meetings and make important decisions at City Hall is shaped like that of a horseshoe), we’ve been in the fields, we know how much we got done over the last eight months and we know just how much we didn’t get done and we know what are the reasons behind which we couldn’t challenge our energies…and our constituencies in a positive direction” Duncan said.

He said if he is given the chance to serve as Mayor the first order of business is a forensic audit of City Hall’s financial records and consultations with all stakeholders especially the creditors.

The Deputy Mayor is even open to a public debate on the management and future of the city.

The Georgetown council is mainly represented by the country’s two main political parties as well as two recently formed voluntary groups.

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