“You are telling people we have what it takes, to take what you have” -Dr. Persaud


“You are telling people we have what it takes, to take what you have”. This is the view of Peoples’ Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C)’s Member of Parliament (MP), Dr. Vindhya Persaud who called out Government Minister and MP, Valerie Patterson who told the house on Tuesday that “if anybody wishes to go private (hospitals), it means they have money.”

Dr. Persaud outlined that there are many services which are not available in the public health system.

“Dialysis (for e.g.), people depend on Dialysis to live, you have about 120 patients at the GPHC. Aside from removing the subsidy, only 40 sessions of Dialysis will now be allowed per patient. So what are you telling the other patients? Die? You’re telling them to pay VAT at the private hospitals? Is this care?” she questioned.

On Tuesday, Minister Patterson told in defending Government’s decision to tax medicines, reminded that there is a public hospital that offers all medical services and provides medicines free of cost.

“There is a public hospital that is free, that offers all the services to the poor people of this country. And Mr. Speaker, if anybody wish to go to private, it means they have money and if you want to have cosmetic $2M at the dentist, then you must pay 14% VAT” Patterson said.

Dr. Persaud joined with her fellow PPP MPs and noted that the budget will make life harder for all Guyanese.

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