Coast Guard joint training concludes


The United States Embassy’s Security Cooperation Office (SCO) concluded the first in a two-part Military Training Team event involving members of United States Coast Guard and Officers and Ranks of the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard.

The six-man team arrived in Guyana on November 5 and instructed on a range of topics, from basic seamanship to queries, approaches and visits-boarding-search-and-seizure.

The group trained on the water for 40 hours before the graduation ceremony held at the Coast Guard Training Centre, Kingston last week.

As part of the SCO’s capacity-building efforts in Guyana, the second phase of the event will occur in July 2017.  The recently trained GDF Officers and Ranks will be the instructors with the U.S. Coast Guard team as observers, as well as conducting training the trainer exercises.

These events, the Embassy says will identify and qualify instructors who can return to their units with increased knowledge and ability, serving the goal of greater general readiness in Guyana’s inland and littoral maritime environment.

This training reaffirms the United States government’s commitment to working closely with the Government of Guyana on issues of security and professionalization.

The Embassy expressed hope to continue these activities in the future.


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