Members of Parliament upbraided for posture in house


At the commencement of Budget Debate; Day 4, Speaker of the National Assembly cautioned Members of Parliament to be mindful of their persona in the National Assembly which over the past three days has not always been properly presented.

This view was previously expressed by the Private Sector Commission’s representatives who urged parliamentarians to engage in a more constructive debate. Additionally, several persons commenting on the ongoing debate, whether it’s on the live stream, facebook or on stories carried by the media, have criticised the presentation of the MPs.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland listed three comments which captured his attention. Those being: “Who needs the National Cultural Centre when you have parliament”, “A parliamentarian just called the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Geology and Mines”, “If you sit in Parliament for two minutes and don’t laugh at least 200 times, then something is wrong with you”.

To those, he said, “Our proceedings are either benefitting or suffering from live stream, I don’t know which it is.”

He reminded parliamentarians that “we are in a sense under watch and we are being looked at by citizen…whatever we say or do here also finds a permanent record in Hansard…I have been mindful of that fact…and presented issues that allow us to hold a certain level” as he urged members to ensure that they satisfy a certain level.

They were also upbraided for carrying on conversations while a presentation is being made, using wrong grammar, turning their backs to the chair while carrying on their own conversations with other members and interrupting others.

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