BREAKING NEWS: CID breaking shack where woman’s remains allegedly hidden


Ranks from Major Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are presently making moves to break a shack at Bell West, West Bank Demerara where it is alleged that the remains of a woman who went missing on August, 29, 2016 is located.

37-year-old Shonette Savory of Lot 222, Last Street Prospect, East Bank Demerara (E.B.D) went missing from her residence.

According to reports, the woman lived alone and it was reported by the landlady that she left and never returned.

She was last seen in the company of the man who owns the shack.

Relatives have reported that they kept calling the woman’s phone, however, it went to voicemail.

Our Senior Crime and Security Journalist Leroy Smith is on the scene and will provide additional updates as it becomes available.


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