UPDATE; Robbery victim admitted to G.P.H.C with gunshot wound


A 22-year-old contractor of Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara (E.C.D) is currently a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital nursing a single gunshot wound, which he sustained deuring a robbery earlier today.

According to a police report, Gavin Ramlall and his friend David Mangroo, 64 yrs, of Section ‘B’ Pattensen, Turkeyen E.C.D, were in Georgetown earlier today, purchasing vehicle parts. After leaving the city, Ramlall who was driving a Tundra, stopped in front of Mangroo’s residence, parked and secured his vehicle and they went into the yard.

Investigation revealed that shortly afterwards, they were confronted by two suspects, one armed with a handgun, who demanded their valuables to which they complied and handed over two cell phones and $16,000.00 cash.

The perpetrators then demanded the keys for the Tundra but Ramlall refused and was shot to the front of his right thigh. At the same time, another suspect arrived in a gold- coloured motor car, shattered the side glasses of the Tundra with a piece of wood, entered and searched same but came out empty-handed, after which they all escaped in the motor car.

Ramlall was rushed to the G.P.H.C and admitted in a stable condition.

Investigators have retrieved a spent shell at the scene.

No arrests have been made.

Investigations are in progress.

Earlier this week, there was a robbery in front the Ministry of Finance on Main Street, Georgetown where the victim, 29-year-old John Brian was robbed of $3M cash and also shot to his right thigh.

Additionally, about a week ago on December 01, 2016, two females were robbed of their handbags containing cash and valuables at about 20:30hrs at Cummings Lodge, E.C.D.

Shortly after, at about 21:15hrs, a 39 year old minibus driver, Malvin Hooper was robbed on the Liliendaal Public Road, E.C.D. by three armed men who approached him and requested to be taken further up the East Coast. He was subsequently shot to his back after refusing the exit the vehicle.

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