UPDATE: Search for missing woman enters another phase


By Leroy Smith

The search for an East Bank Demerara woman continues as investigators on Friday came up empty handed after removing the concrete flooring of a shack under which she was believed to be buried.

37-year-old Shonette Savory of Lot 222, Last Street Prospect, East Bank Demerara (E.B.D) went missing from her residence on August 29, 2016.

The shack before it was demolished
The shack before it was demolished

Police from the Major Crimes Unit of the force on Friday morning removed the concrete flooring of a shack at Bell West, West Bank Demerara belonging to the man in whose company Savory was last seen.

The man went missing after the police began looking for him.

The zinc shack which measures approximately 10×14 feet had its concrete flooring smashed with the use of spades, shoveled, pitch forks, sledge hammers and other construction tools, by the police and the debris ferried out of the facility with the use if wheel barrows which the police borrowed from neighbours. A sand filled layer was also removed.

At the moment the ranks are practically searching every “nook and cranny” surrounding the shack in an effort to be thorough. Household items such as mattresses, carpets, buckets, bottles, table, chairs, wall divider, barrels fan and other items were brought to the yard as the police dig below the surface for clues.

Neighbours observing the officers at work

The forensic unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is also on the location.

The News Room was advised that should the police have reasonable suspicions that the remains of the woman are not buried under the flooring, the police will use its sniffer dogs to comb the immediate surroundings of the house which is filled with grass and other bits and pieces of old items.

The entire operation is being done under the watchful eyes of family members of both the missing woman and the suspect.

The News Room’s Leroy Smith who is still at the location will bring added information as the search advances.

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