Female among seven arrested for robbery of Corentyne Cambio dealer


By Royan Abrams

Following a brazen early morning robbery executed by over 15 armed bandits on a Corentyne Cambio dealer, the police in ‘B’ Division have so far arrested one female along with six males.

News Room understands that 48-year-old Cambio dealer, Devandra Churaman of #79 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, was awoken at about 2:00am on Monday by loud explosion suspected to gun shots.

According to Churaman who was at home alone, when he ventured outside of his bedroom, he was confronted by five armed bandits who had broken a window and removed a steel grill before gaining entry into the two-storey building.

The window used to gain entry to the premises
The window used to gain entry to the premises

He also said approximately ten other persons were on the public road on the look out for police.

The Cambio dealer told this publication that the five bandits who were armed with what is believed to be AK 47s placed their firearm against his head and demanded cash and jewellery. He added that one of the men pressed the trigger on the firearm but the weapon failed to go off causing a part of the weapon to fall to the ground.

News Room was told that the armed men escaped with millions worth in cash and jewellery.

Churaman also noted that when he subsequently called the Springlands Police Station, he was told that no patrols were available. He disclosed that the police arrived on the scene an hour and a half later.

Acting Commander of ‘B’ Division Errold Watts confirmed with News Room that so far seven persons have been arrested including a female. He disclosed that the police recovered from the scene 21 live rounds, 10 spent shells, several empty cartridges and several empty firecracker boxes.

The acting commander believes that the firecrackers were used to stifle the sound of the firearm during the robbery.

Investigations are ongoing.

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