“This is the best Cabinet possible”; No changes in 2017- President


The Head of State says he is pleased with the performance of his Ministers during the year 2016 and therefore there will be no reshuffling or possible addition to the Government in 2017.

President, David Granger was at the time responding to questions posed by journalists on his weekly program ‘The Public Interest’.

“I would say given the condition and the circumstances we found ourselves in, in May 2015, this is the best Cabinet that is possible. They work very hard and I’m very happy to work with them into the New Year,” the President said.

The current administration is made up of a number of political parties, all of which the President said is represented at the Ministerial level.

The Coalition is made up of the Alliance for Change (AFC), Working Peoples Alliance (WPA), National Front Alliance, Justice For All Party, Peoples National Congress Reform (PNC/R), Guyana Action Party and the National Democratic Front.

In 2016, several changes were made to cabinet including the establishment of the Ministry of Telecommunications which is headed by AFC executive member, Minister Cathy Hughes, the relocation of Minister Simona Broomes from the Ministry of Social Protection where she had responsibility for labor issues to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the relocation of Minister Keith Scott from the Ministry of Communities to the Ministry of Social Protection and the appointment of Minister Valerie Patterson to the Ministry of Communities’ Housing Department.

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