$500M for Homestretch Development Inc. to clear debts incurred under D’Urban Park Project


The controversial D’Urban Park Project once again has drawn the attention of the National Assembly with the Opposition expressing outrage that some $500M has been budgeted and will be transferred to the Homestretch Development Incorporated (HDI).

Opposition Member of Parliament, Juan Edghill sought answers regarding the utilization of this hefty sum for a project, which the Opposition claims it has little insight regarding its operations. Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, who was dragged over the coals during the Consideration of Estimates, said the money would be used to pay persons still owed for works on the project.

Patterson under intense scrutiny in the Committee of Supply said some $61.1M dollars was honed in by the HDI in the form of donations from both named and anonymous sources.

When the vote was taken and as anticipated, all Opposition MPs voted against and all from the Government’s side voted for the allocation.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure took over the D’Urban Park Project from HDI in April of this year to facilitate its timely completion for the Jubilee Celebrations.

HDI was established in January with Colonel Larry London as its Board Chairman, while Education Minister Rupert Roopnarine is director, a position that raised eyebrows in the Opposition quarters.

The Minister has since cleared his name of any wrongdoings in this regard.

The Opposition has maintained that there is a lack of accountability and transparency with the project, which Government has deemed a National asset.

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