UPDATED: Suspects in Accountant’s robbery detained


By Leroy Smith

The police have moments ago arrested two suspects who trailed and robbed an accountant attached to the Tower Hotel Suites on Main Street, Georgetown as he was about to enter the building earlier today.

The duo was captured in the East La Penitence area.

The suspects being taken away by the police
The suspects being taken away by the police (Leroy Smith photo)

The News Room was informed that the men, who were using a CG motorcycle, trailed the accountant and grabbed a bag containing $2.5M in cash which he had just withdrawn from a city bank. It is alleged that they fired one shot as the man was in the parking lot of the hotel and relieved him of the cash.

However, the police who were in the area observed the commotion and pursued the men. Reports suggest that the men fired shots at the police which forced them to return fire.

The chase ended in a yard along the Front Road where the men tossed the bag and the firearm used in the robbery, into a nearby trench.

Search being conducted for firearm
Police making efforts to retrieve firearm (Leroy Smith photo)

A search was conducted and the bag was retrieved while efforts were being made to find the weapon.

News Room’s Crime and Security Journalist, Leroy Smith is on the scene and will provide additional details as it becomes available.

The fact that the bandits chose a particular yard to seek refuge caused the police to cordon off the area and search the entire yard and house.

It was during that search that they came upon several headlamps and rare lights for several models of vehicles which the law enforcement officers suspected to be either stolen items or illegally obtained.

A woman was taken into the custody of the police after the items were discovered. Persons in the area told the police that the men who were caught are not from front road area.

However, persons in the area told the police that the suspects were caught are not from the area.

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