Crum- Ewing investigation not ‘dead’- Crime Chief


By Leroy Smith

Investigation into the murder of Courtney Crum Ewing is still alive, according to Crime Chief, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum. The Crime Chief was at the time responding to questions posed by media operatives on Tuesday.

According to the Crime Chief, the police continue to receive bits and pieces of information surrounding the shooting death of Crum-Ewing and “on every single occasion”, the police go after the information.

Blanhum also said he met with the parents of Crum Ewing recently.

Political Activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing was gunned down at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, on March 10, 2015. He was at the time using a bullhorn urging citizens to come out and vote for the Coalition ahead of the May 2015, General and Regional Elections.

Prior to the weeks leading up to his killing, Crum-Ewing staged a one-man picketing exercise outside of the office former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall. His picketing exercises called for the resignation of Nandlall after a leaked telephone conversation between the then minister and a senior journalist from Kaieteur News.

The conversation which was transcribed by the Newspaper over several weeks heard the minister making sexual remarks about a female reporter who also works at the media house. The former AG also suggested violence could be directed to the newspaper and its staff for their style of reporting.

Nandlall was among the persons whose names were called in having a hand in the murder of the political activist.  Kwame McCoy who was also the Information Liaison to the President was also called in by the police for questioning in relation to the matter as was another employee of the office of the president, Jason Abdula.

Additionally, Regan Rodrigues aka ‘Grey Boy’ was charged with the murder after the gun used in the murder was found at his home. However, he was released in September 2016, after Magistrate Judy Latchman accepted the no-case submission filed by his Attorney Adrian Thompson. In her ruling, Magistrate Latchman said that while she was satisfied that the gun, which was used to shoot Crum-Ewing was found at the home of the accused, the evidence offered by the prosecution did not implicate Rodrigues in the actual murder.

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