Man shot dead while attempting to rescue sister from bandits


By Leroy Smith

Jermaine Scott, 27 years of Toucan Street, North East La Penitence was killed last evening after he attempted to rescue his sister who was being robbed by two men. The incident took place at approximately 23.05hrs on Tuesday.

According to information reaching the News Room, 39-year-old Simone Scott was seconds away from her home when a black 212 motorcar pulled up alongside her and two men emerged.

They snatched her gold chain, prompting her to immediately raise an alarm.

Her brother who was inside the of the house at the time heard her screams and rushed to see what was happening, but by then the men had already jumped into the car and were proceeding on their way.

However, while driving off they fired a shot in the direction of Jermaine Scott hitting him to the chest.

He was immediately picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Jermaine Scott worked as an excavator operator.

The police have since received some information regarding the suspects and that information is being examined even as the investigations are ongoing.

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