Minister Bulkan “mamagizing” the House;should be sent to Privileges Committee says Teixeira


A strong call was this evening made in the National Assembly for Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan to be sent to the Privileges Committee for misleading the House with regards to the establishment of the Local Government Commission.

This call was made by Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira who shouted that the Minister has been “mamagizing” the House and questioned when the Commencement Order would be given for the Commission’s establishment.

In response Minister Bulkan stated that the order would be given in “the year 2017” to which the Opposition Chief Whip heckled “shameful answer.”

The Communities Minister told the Committee of Supply that a provision of $30M has been allocated to fund activities of the Local Government Commission in 2017, which the Minister expects would be established.

The current expenditure for the Ministry of Communities was approved.

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