Wynter and Yearwood retain Mayorship and Dep. Mayorship in New Amsterdam


By Royan Abrams


After almost 20 minutes of proceedings, the councilors of the Mayor and Town Council of New Amsterdam re-elected Kirk Wynter as the Mayor and Winifred Yearwood as the Deputy Mayor of the township during the municipality election.

These elections were held in the chambers of the New Amsterdam M&TC Town Hall earlier today, Wednesday December 14, 2016.

Wynter was nominated by two councilors after which nominations were closed and nominations for Deputy Mayor began during which Ms Yearwood was nominated by a lone councilor bringing the election to an end.

Following the election both, Mayor Wynter and Deputy Mayor, Yearwood, promised to do better for the enhancement of the town while at the same time providing improved services for the citizens.

The Mayor also expressed gratitude for the support shown by the councilors in his re-election and noted that although the past eight months of being the mayor was challenging, the council was able to push through with maturity, professionalism and respect for each other while addressing various issues affecting the town.

“This is not an election to us, it’s just a meeting cause our job never stops. For example the rain is upon us now and we don’t feel like we haven’t given the residents what we want to give them and for us we still feel that we are not doing enough so our job continue and I want the public to know that we as a council is not satisfy with the services we have offered to you” he said.

Although the Mayor has promised to do better for the township, he is also pleading to residents to abide by the laws and regulations of the Mayor and Town Council. He also alluded to the garbage situation noting that often times as the council attempts to do its part, residents on the other hand would continue to dump garbage indiscriminately.

Meanwhile for the New Year the Mayor and Town Council is looking to implement a fine of $10,000 for littering which will work in tandem with the ban on the use of glass bottles on the roadways in New Amsterdam.





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