Suspects in Tower robbery fingered in other shooting/murder


By Leroy Smith

Since the News Room released the images and videos of the two young men who the police captured following the robbery of an Accountant attached to the Tower Hotel Suites and subsequent exchange of gunfire with the police, many persons have been calling the cops, pinning the two to several serious crimes across Georgetown.

First up is the shooting of a man last week in at the Ministry of Finance after he was reportedly trailed by perpetrators travelling in a motorcar.

On December 06, 2016, a 29-year-old male supervisor was shot to his right thigh in front of the Ministry of Finance’s compound after he threw a bag he tried to wrestle his bag carrying an undisclosed sum of money from the suspects.

That particular incident is said to be engaging the attention of the police with the new information which is coming to hand.

The News Room today also learnt that the two young men are also being fingered in the robbery of a North East La Penitence woman on Tuesday and the shooting to death of her 27-year-old brother, Jermaine Scott who went to her rescue.

During an interview on Wednesday, relatives of Scott told the police that one of the suspects bore a tattoo to his neck. Subsequently, it was disclosed that one of the suspects from yesterday’s robbery was shot to the neck sometime back during a robbery.

It was also communicated to the News Room that one of the young men was even committed to stand trial in the High Court for an offence he committed sometime back. However, it remains unclear how the young man is able to be out on the streets committing all these crimes when in fact he should be incarcerated.

On Thursday, when the News Room contacted Crime Chief, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum, he indicated that the Major Crimes Unit of the Force would be putting their shoulders to the wheel to get to the bottom of the information which they are becoming privy to.

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