Four year National Drug Strategy Master Plan launched


By Leroy Smith

The National Drug Strategy Master Plan 2016-2020, aimed at having a more targeted approach to fighting the drug problem in Guyana was this morning launched.

The Master Plan would see aggressive efforts to reduce the use and abuse of both licit and illicit drugs in communities and crumble networks in the business of facilitating the trade locally. It would bring together several agencies to coordinate a more strategic and targeted approach to fighting the drug problem in Guyana.

The launching took place at the Guyana Police Force Officers’ Training Centre under the watchful eyes and hearing of Government Ministers, Heads of agencies and law enforcement bodies, as well as members of the diplomatic corps and the media.

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan explained that the strategy is one which would also see efforts to reduce the demand and supply of cocaine and possibly the establishment of a drug court.

The Master Plan was compiled following extensive consultations with stakeholders and the various agencies responsible for areas which are prone to be affected by the presence of drugs and its associated activities.It addresses the issues of controlling the use of licit drugs, institutional strengthening, policy coordination and international cooperation.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum also spoke at the event and pointed out that the Guyana and more particularly the Police Force has been collaborating with several agencies to address the issue of narcotics circulating in the country. There has also been capacity building at various levels through workshops and training.

The National Drug Strategy Master Plan 2016 to 2020 brings into focus all national concerns about drug control. It explains policies, identifies priorities and assigns responsibilities for drug control efforts.

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