Christmas on a budget


By Mark Murray

If you haven’t done your holiday shopping there might be time for you to make some smart choices over the next few days.

There’s enough to panic about around this time like you know, whether your chicken could over cook, or whether you would drop to sleep while the cake is in the oven. And that is even without adding money worries to the equation.

Most of us can easily let our spending get out of control which often haunts us in the New Year.

Here is a list of tips that could change your mind on ways to put that extra cash back into your pocket.

If you are the giver of the season, then buy presents for children only, and you can boldly tell your friends and family that your focus is about the kids this time around. (You can let us here at News Room know how that worked out lol)

For the older loved ones, the ideal present to give anyone would be your time, since it’s the thought that counts, right?

Another way to bring about those smiles is by going for a family gift that cost less like a board game or something everyone can enjoy during the holidays.

For food rather than always going for the expensive stuff just because it is the holiday, consider swapping to cheaper products which can keep your grocery shopping under control without making you feel like you’re trying to avoid the holidays.

Where the decorations are concerned and for the Christmas Tree lovers, rather than buying ornaments, how about making your own with household items. After all, I’m sure you did art and craft in school, but if you didn’t, here are a few ideas from the Reader’s Digest.

01-diy-christmas-mistletoe-slFelt, a fabric pencil, pearl embellishments, red ribbon and a hot glue gun are all you need for this cute decor from Stay At Home Artist! Cut out your felt mistletoe using a template provided and arrange pearls how you like. Tie with ribbon and hang.





11-diy-christmas-snowman-sl1Check these materials off of your list: Black, white and orange acrylic paint, a paintbrush, baby food jar and ribbon. Crazy Little Projects suggests that you paint your jar and decorate with a snowman face. Add ribbon to hang your ornament.





holiday-decorations-07-slTie a bow around your throw pillows with holiday-colored ribbons, and they’ll look just like Christmas gifts! Add a rhinestone pin for an extra decorating kick.






how-to-make-an-rd-christmas-tree-07-slBy folding your Reader’s Digest magazine page over page, you can turn it into a cute, cheap Christmas magazine craft. Trim with tinsel and ornaments left over from your holiday decorating, or spray gold or silver. Get the directions here »





more-budget-christmas-decorations-04-white-tree-slSpray paint artificial trees (big or small) with white paint for a clean, sophisticated decoration, says Better Homes & Gardens.





Here are a few other ideas

My final tip is for those who believe in the spirit of the season, yes my booze lovers. Make sure your personal collection is up to date for the long weekend ahead because bulk buying can save you a whole lot.

Be sure to do the calculation on how much you actually need this holiday season so you don’t overspend

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