19 last-minute gifts your mom actually wants this holiday season


(Reproduced from the Business Insider) If you’re heading home for the holidays to enjoy quality time with your family, you probably shouldn’t show up empty-handed. Even if all your bank account will allow for is a nice card that spells out to Mom just how much you love and appreciate her, it’s the thought that counts.

If you have the funds but aren’t sure what to get her this year, you’ve landed in the right guide. We picked out 19 presents Moms will love — even yours. They run the gamut, from pearl earrings to fancy candles, from warm, cozy sweaters to decadent desserts. Have a look.

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A pair of earrings

a-pair-of-earringsJewellery is a no-brainer for Moms. Instead of something clunky and oversized, go for a delicate pair of earrings.

A fancy candle

the-everygirl-candles-auraDiptyque candles are some of the best money can buy as well as fail-safe presents for Mom.


A sleek watch

a-sleek-watchIf you have some money to spend, but not a ton, MVMT’s timepieces look great on a wrist.

A personal assistant

a-personal-assistantThere’s an ever-so-slight learning curve in figuring out what Amazon’s Alexa can and can’t do, but once that’s passed, the Echo Dot can forecast the weather, read an audiobook, order a pizza, tell Dad jokes, or any number of things Mom should find charming.

The Echo Dot is the best value of the Echo family, but if you need a louder speaker, the original Echo works exactly the same.

A set of bed sheets that’ll make it feel like she’s sleeping on a cloud

A piece of cast-iron cookware

a-piece-of-cast-iron-cookwareCast iron can be pricey, but if Mom likes to cook, you won’t go wrong splurging on a piece from Le Creuset or Staub. If she already has a collection going, make sure you pick out her preferred colour.

A book-of-the-month membership

a-book-of-the-month-membershipIf Mom’s an avid reader, get her a Book of the Month membership.

Each month’s book selections are chosen by recurring and celebrity guest judges who are passionate about books, like Ellie Kemper from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and Josh Radnor from “How I Met Your Mother.” The judges curate and select the best new hardcover titles for members from a broad range of genres and offer a mix of both fiction and nonfiction titles, sure to impress even the pickiest and hard to shop for Moms.

A signature scent

a-signature-scentPerfume is a fairly personal gift; it’s one that requires you know the recipient well. Think about what scents she likes: This one features notes of chypre, blackcurrant nectar, airy florals, and musky blond wood.

A warm, cozy sweater

a-warm-cozy-sweaterSkip the tired flannel pajama set and give Mom something more refined to wear in this cold weather.

A macrame plant hanger

a-macrame-plant-hangerA fun way to bring the outdoors inside this winter, these rope plant hangers from Etsy are a thoughtful and affordable gift for any Mom who has a green thumb.

A smarter carry-on

a-smarter-carry-onIf Mom’s a chronic over-packer, this carry-on is a perfect travel companion for future trips. It’s made to fit the size guidelines of major US airlines and has an interior battery with USB ports to ensure her phone or tablet doesn’t die at 30,000 feet.
Something personal

something-personalAnyone who’s gone to the trouble of framing pictures knows you can easily end up spending hundreds of dollars on custom frames. But with Framebridge, you can get some of Mom’s favourite memories made up without spending a small fortune.
A gift bag full of gourmet cheeses

a-gift-bag-full-of-gourmet-cheesesAny cheese lover will find a lot to love in this gift bag.


A tablet

a-tabletIt’s a splurge, yes, but Apple latest iPad Pro does an excellent job of blending the productivity of a laptop with the portability of a smartphone.

If Mom’s only using her tablet for casual internet perusing, Facebook updating, and game playing, though, Amazon’s Fire tablet is a tough value to beat at $50.

A cold-brew coffee maker

a-cold-brew-coffee-makerWe all know those people who cannot really start their day until they’ve had their morning brew — maybe your mom is one of them.

A sweet treat

a-sweet-treatIf the road to Mom’s heart is paved with chocolate and sugar, you can’t go wrong with an edible present.

A luxurious lotion

a-luxurious-lotionIt might be time for an upgrade from soaps and lotions from Bath & Body Works.

A leather wallet

a-leather-walletHow old is Mom’s wallet? Unlike purses, which women tend to replace once they’re sufficiently worn out, wallets are items women often neglect to replace. Handmade in Spain, this elegant leather wallet from Everlane has an interior compartment for Mom’s phone or passport.
A great bottle of wine

a-great-bottle-of-wineAny wine lover should find a lot to like with this present.

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