Dynamic Airways doing everything “humanly possible” to avoid future delays- Gouveia


Local representative for Dynamic Airways Captain Gerry Gouveia today (Thursday December 22, 2016) at a press conference informed that the airline which had two recent cancellations which left passengers stranded for several hours and resulting in a bride missing her wedding, is back on schedule.

Responding to questions posed by the media  at the press conference held at the Duke Lodge, Kingston Capt. Gouveia cited the need for an improved passenger communications system at Dynamic Airways.

However, Gouveia was not too concerned about public confidence in the airline; since according to him the statistics reflect that Dynamic has an 85 percent on time departure rate, with some 60 thousand passengers coming into Guyana and another 40 thousand travelling out. “What people are doing is demonstrating public confidence with this airline with where they sit, they sit in this airline, 250 of them at a time every time five times per week to Guyana but we will continue to work to regain the people we may have lost all the other airlines in Guyana,” he noted.

 According to Gouveia the airline’s management was engaged in planning for the Christmas season, however they did not anticipate the recent hiccups, but is assuring that they will continue to do everything “humanly possible” to minimize the delays.

As it relates to the treatment of some passengers, Gouveia said he is not sure of what transpired but will further investigate. He said too that once there are legal grounds for compensation Dynamic Airways will follow through.

Additionally, he informed the media that Management here has met with the Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and has assured him that he will be kept informed “blow by blow” of how things are progressing.


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