The world’s largest book fair; Logos Hope is here


After travelling for eleven days from the continent of Africa, the Logos Hope is here in Guyana for the second time since 2009.

The ship on which there are 400 crew members of 60 different nationalities docked in Georgetown on Wednesday, December 21, 2016. According to the ship’s captain, Randy Grebe who was ecstatic to be here after such a long journey, the crew members were given the opportunity to enjoy some time with persons in the City last evening as he outlined that “the beauty of a country is in its people.”

An opening ceremony was this morning hosted on the ship after which it was opened to the Public from 2 pm.

The ribbon being cut by the Captain, Minister Henry and the Director

Seelan Govender, Director, Logos Hope outlined that “the Logos Hope is a vision to make a difference in the lives of people that we interact with, that we encounter as we sail from port to port. Our purpose is to be very intentional about making this difference. The Logos Hope brings together people from many different walks of life, many different traditions.”

Operated by the German Christian charitable organisation, the Logos Hope crew members work on Spreading hope and knowledge in countries across the world.

Govender said with the message of Jesus Christ, they aim at bringing hope and making a difference in the lives of persons they encounter.

Since 2009, the ship docked at 129 ports across the world.

The message of hope was welcomed by Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry who alluded to Guyana’s high suicide rate. “I hope that ‘The Hope’ will really inspire people and will transcend in some way across Guyana,” the Minister said.

Minister Nicolette Henry received a gift from Captain, Randy Grebe
Minister Nicolette Henry received a gift from Captain, Randy Grebe

ship-2She also lauded the staff of the Logos Hope who are all volunteers noting that “we believe that people should take the time to be altruistic and give service not only for yourself but for people” and urged persons to invest in books as gifts for the holidays.

The crew is aiming to entertain 5,000 visitors while here.

The Logos Hope will be here from Today (Thursday, December 22, 2016) to January 08, 2016.

15589947_241801509582931_5593230225608902473_nMV Logos Hope is operated by the German Christian charitable organisation; GBA Ships e.V (Gute Bücher für Alle, English: Good Books for All).

Built in 1973 as the ferry MV Gustav Vasa for service between Sweden and Germany, she later operated as the MV Norröna providing a ferry service to the Faroe Islands.

As the fourth ship operated by the organisation, The MV Logos Hope follows in the line of MV Logos, the wrecked hulk of which now sits on a rock shelf on the Chilean coast, MV Logos II which was retired in the fall of 2008 and which Logos Hope was designed to replace, and MV Doulos which was sold to a company in Singapore in 2009.

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