Maxine Graham is the chosen one; promoted to Assistant Commissioner


By Leroy Smith

After serving in the capacity of Senior Superintendent for four years and four months, Senior Superintendent Maxine Graham was promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police by the Police Service Commission.

The promotion which comes in time as a Christmas gift for Graham also marks an early announcement of the Guyana Police Force’s Senior promotions by the Police Service Commission which normally releases its promotion list on New Year’s Day.

The promotion of Maxine Graham has now brought the positions of Assistant Commissioners of police to its full complement of 12, something the Force has not seen in a while.

Maxine Graham heads the Force’s Staff Officer 1 Office which deals with transfers, placements and welfare of the GPF and its ranks.

Other persons who were recommended by the administration of the GPF for the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police were Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum who serves as the Crime Chief, Senior Superintendent Whitney Bacchus who serves as the Force’s second in Command of Operations and Senior Superintendent Thomas who heads the Force’s Information Technology Department.

However, there was only one vacancy for Assistant Commissioner of Police and given her seniority, Graham copped the spot.

In the area of Senior Superintendent, the Police Service Commission did not make any promotions to that rank as the Force already has its full complement of Senior Superintendents of Police, this follows the promotion of Superintendent Edmond Cooper a few months ago.

There were other promotions to the ranks of Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents and inspectors.

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