Christmas sales not so bright this year; vendors blame heavy rains & Giftland Mall


Christmas is over and one of the busiest streets in the Capital City, Regent Street is now picking up some steam as we head into the New Year.

News Room decided to speak with a few business persons along Regent Street, Georgetown, where during the few days leading up to Christmas Eve is usually so crowded that there is hardly any room to maneuvre one’s way. The stores are usually “jam packed” with customers trying to grab the last of their Christmas items.

However, this year many business persons are claiming dull sales owing to the heavy downpour which resulted in flooding. Others who opted to comment off camera believe that the Giftland Mall at Liliendaal drew much of the hype and sales this year, even though a $1000 redeemable fee was charged on December 23 and 24.

Many of the larger businesses said there was a crowd on Christmas Eve albeit not as large as previous years but minimal shopping.

“It was bad…I don’t know like the people don’t want to spend their money, I figure or they just holding back their money because of the budget,”
one stall owner in the Regent Street Mall related to News Room. Another claimed ” business was dead on Christmas Eve night compared to other years.”

A third stall holder in the said Mall also expressed similar sentiments “it was not as we (were) expecting, last year was better,” she noted.

It was not all “gloom and doom” for all as one road side vendor told News Room “well a started off a little slow, but at the last day things kinda double up and catch up.”

The Shamdas Kirpalani recorded good sales owing to what they deem as the great customer service and the preparations they made during the heavy downpour.

Some other small vendors have expressed optimism that sales would be better for the Old year’s into the New Year’s.

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