Mid-size hydro, other renewable energy projects being touted in collaboration with Russia & others


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge today lauded his ministry’s performance for 2016 in the area of trade and investment deeming it a reasonable degree of success.

Greenidge stressed the need for Guyana to enlarge itself on the international scene as it relates to economic integration.

The Minister speaking on Thursday during a press conference said the country has made significant inroads in its trade and investment efforts as he explained, “we have been approaching  investors and distributing information provided by the sector agencies and of our volition in a number of new jurisdictions we have not been active in the past and these would include eastern and central Europe.”

Alluding to his trip to Russia, Greenidge said collaboration in technologically advanced areas, mining, and development of a mid-size hydro, among other areas were touted and are being examined.

Hence the Ministry’s first task is to make the outreach to that country and secondly put those who are interested in touch with the respective sectors.

“We have had discussions with other Eastern and Central European States also which show an interest and capacity in technological areas and renewable energy,” Greenidge noted.

 According to the Minister many of these countries face challenges with regards to transportation given their location. He also disclosed that an office would be set up in Geneva, Switzerland pointing to the fact that the headquarters of many international agencies are stationed there.


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