Slim chances of embattled Ambassador’s contract being renewed


Despite being embroiled in a controversy resulting in his reputation coming into disrepute, Government has decided to retain the services of Dr. Shamir Ally as this country’s Ambassador to Kuwait on a one-year contract.

This information was divulged today (Thursday December 29, 2016) by Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge during his end of year Press Conference.

Dr. Ally was convicted in the United States for disseminating false financial information on behalf of a company he worked with. In this regard, Greenidge said the “appropriate” action taken was to write Dr. Ally informing him that this information should have been divulged to the Government before it being blown up in the media.

Nevertheless, the Foreign Affairs Minister said the Government looks forward to the service to be offered by the Ambassador. However, he declined to comment on the prospect of Dr. Ally’s contract being renewed.

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