10% increase in fatal accidents recorded in 2016; 2017 remedies unveiled


Being dissatisfied with the level of road deaths and accidents, the Traffic Department and Road safety Council of Guyana on Thursday (December 29, 2016) announced measures to remedy the problems in 2017.

Traffic Chief, Dion Moore


Traffic Chief, Dion Moore disclosed that there was an increase of 10% in fatal accidents in 2016 with a 3% increase in deaths. He noted that the year saw 116 accidents and 127 deaths. This is compared to 105 accidents and 123 deaths in 2015.

However, he said it was noticed “in the other categories of serious accidents, there was a minor decrease, in minor accidents; a marginal decrease and in damage accidents, a marginal increase.”

Overall, we’ve recorded a 4.1% increase in accidents, he said.

Again this year, pedestrians represented the highest category of road users who suffered as a result of accidents.

Chairman of GNRSC, Dennis Pompey

Chairman of the Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC), Dennis Pompey told a Press Conference that among other initiatives in 2017 which they are seeking to bring on board, is the high security number plates to track vehicles in hit and run accidents, increase interactions with drivers school children and have a presence in several other areas of Guyana outside of the coastland.

“For the year 2017, we are looking forward to host more drivers’ seminars because we realised that we have a problem with driving in this country where persons are not adhering to the safety rules as it regards driving. We also have community road safety projects, workshops, also we will be setting up road safety councils in the other regions” Pompey said.

The department will also be continuing several programs started in 2016.

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