PPP predicts more gloomy days in 2017; poor performance in Labour & Social sectors


During its end of year press conference the opposition People’s Progressive Party today registered its concern for the poor performance in the Labour and Social Sectors.

PPP Member of Parliament Dr. Vindhya Persaud says Guyana has witnessed gross mismanagement and incompetence in key sectors such as health, education and social protection during the short tenure of the Coalition Government.

Dr. Vindhya Persaud- PPP/MP

Dr. Persaud said what was very glaring in 2016 and makes her wonder what 2017 holds, was the acute shortage of drugs centrally and regionally. This she noted was as a result of poor planning and interference with the procurement process leading to sourcing issues.

She noted that visits to health centres would reveal shortage in simple drugs such as paracetamol.

As it relates to the Education Sector, Dr. Persaud said there is no clear mandate or guideline with bismal failure in the key subjects of Math and English.

Dr. Persaud also expressed dissatisfaction with the way the Ministry of Social Protection has been operating, alluding to the lack of training and under staffing at the Ministry, even in the face of rising social issues such as domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Meantime, another MP, Gillian Burton-Persaud zoned in on the Labour sector noting that workers do not have anything to look forward to in 2017 given the track record of Government and its lack of respect for the collective bargaining process in 2016.

Gillian Burton-Persaud- PPP/MP

Burton-Persaud said the fact that public servants have been referred to as lethargic, the fact that the API has not been paid to sugar workers and the fact that the closure of the Wales Estate comes at a time when jobs are not available speaks volumes of what is to come.


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